WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES (WORLDCOB), informs FLETIMPEX ECUADOR S.A. that it has been chosen as a winner of the business excellence prize “THE BIZZ 2011”, as one of the most outstanding companies in Ecuador.

For our organization, WORLDCOB, managed this most important business recognition in the world, at the international award ceremony held in ORLANDO, FLORIDA, on June 24 and 25 at DISNEY’S GRAND FLORIDIAN RESORT & SPA. This event brought together more than 600 entrepreneurs from 60 countries around the world, all willing to celebrate a night of recognition of “Business Excellence”.


“SIEMBRA FUTURO” is the Cervecería Nacional investment program, that supports the creation or consolidation of innovative companies that generate jobs, through specialized training, economic financing and technical advice to entrepreneurs who present the most promising projects across the country.”

Program in which more than 2000 participants were registered nationwide and of which only 50 were winners of this promising Project.

In which  Rommel Ruiz Román Shareholder of FLETIMPEX ECUADOR S.A. participated in this program being chosen among the 50 winners.</p



The president of  WORLDCOB gives the pleasant news that FLETIMPEX S.A. has been selected for the most important business Excellence award in the World, THE BIZZ 2012.

This award will be presented in spectacular awards ceremonies that will take place in: Barcelona, Spain (April), Cruise Miami-Bahamas (June) and Doha, Qatar (September).